This Is What a $50,000 Kanye West Custom Font Looks Like

kanye west

Kanye Kanye West tweeted that many moons ago and a certain designer came up with a font just for him. The $50,000 typeface is as “big, bold and polarizing as the man himself”

He named the typeface “Yeezy Display” which is borrowed from his recent stage name “Yeezus”. The font is in gold and in all caps which clearly was made to seek attention. Other interesting features of this Yeezy Display font is that each character has three alternates and the designer says that it is ready for use. The font is not limited to English characters only, according to him it has “enough punctuation/accents for Latin-based languages (English, German, Icelandic, whatever).”
Yeezy1 The designer goes further by embedding a parody video of one of his songs where the lyrics, you guessed it, are in the Yeezy Display font.

Apparently he wants Kanye to buy the font to be used in his next projects so that he can fund his own wedding, which I think in my experience is one of the weirdest ways to seek funding for a wedding. We’ll have to see if Kanye will see the plight and incorporate it in his next album “Swish”.

I admit it is an impressive font and if I was Kanye, I would buy it. In the digital scape, custom stuff have sentimental meaning, we’ve seen companies that engrave your name or logo on your laptop, brands pasting Twitter handles of certain people on their products or even as simple as custom cases for phones. In my part, I would like a custom font based on Helvetica Neue so I wonder what the guy would charge for that.

Source: Yeezy Display


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