Here Are Safaricom’s New Data Bundle Prices

Safaricom House

This morning, Safaricom introduced new changes to its data offering that included the suspension of the night shift data bundles as well as re-introduction of the data roll over. So what are the new data prices?


Weekly Data Bundles

Weekly Bundles Data (MBs) Price (Kshs) Validity Period
5MB 5MB 5 7 Days
10 MB 10MB 10 7 Days
30 MB 30 MB 30 7 Days
65 MB 65 MB 50 7 Days
130 MB 130 MB 100 7 Days

Monthly Data Bundles

Monthly Bundles Data (MBs) Price (Kshs) Validity Period
350 MB 350 MB 250 30 Days
1 GB 1 GB 500 30 Days
3 GB 3 GB 1000 30 Days
7.5 GB 7.5 GB 2000 30 Days
12 GB 12 GB 3000 30 Days

90 Day Data Bundles

90 Day Bundles Data (MBs) Price (Kshs) Validity Period
6 GB 6 GB 3000 90 Days
16 GB 16 GB 6000 90 Days
30 GB 30 GB 9000 90 Days

The new bundles will be available to both prepay and postpay customers. With the new data offering, Safaricom has also suspended the expiry of data bundles on condition that the customer buys another bundle before the expiry of the existing data bundles. If a consumer has a 30-day data bundle that is about to expire, purchase of another bundle extends the validity period of the data bundle to that of the newly purchased one. In a case where you have a 90-day data bundle that is about to expire and purchase a 7 day data bundle, it takes the data offering with the longer period.