Chrome Browser has This strange bug that has been turned into a game

Chrome bug

Chrome is a fantastic browser, it is fast, has tonnes of extensions and customization features, renders pages well but has one odd bug that makes it crash everytime. When you click on a specific link, Chrome shows this specific error message:

Chrome bug

Well, some developers have explained the bug where Chrome crashes before even the browser tries to load the URL. This is a major bug but in light of it, it has been burlesqued into a silly game. The link to the game is in the same format that will initiate the crash. It is a maze game where you need to position the cursor only along the bears. If you land on the trees however, the whole tab crashes and you will have to relaunch it again.

There is another game that you may or may have not not have noticed in Chrome that is equally silly and it is based on an error. When you are unable to connect to the internet, Chrome cannot load the link and instead loads this simple game which features a T-Rex supposedly in a desert where you use the space bar to make T-Rex jump over cacti. This one is better because it saves your high score which ultimately motivates you to best your highest score.

T-rex Chrome game


The Chrome bug was reported three days ago and it is yet to be fixed since but meanwhile as we wait for the issue to be fixed, you can spare a moment of the time playing the game which can be found here