Samsung’s New Tizen Smartphone Headed to the European Market


samsung_z3_tizenSamsung Z3, the newly unveiled Tizen smartphone from the Korean electronics giant, is on its way to at least 11 European countries according to a new report by Tizen Experts.

The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Kazakhstan are tipped to receive the device soon as Samsung seeks to build on the popularity of its Tizen smartphones so far in Asian countries in newer markets.

Russia was expected to be the first European market to get a Tizen-powered smartphone back in 2014 with the Samsung Z but that never happened as the device was shelved and it never made it to the market.

The Samsung Z1 which was available in Bangladesh, Nepal and India broke some sales records and it propelled Tizen to the enviable position of being the second most preferred mobile platform among low cost device customers in India thanks to its favourable pricing. It’s successor, the Samsung Z3, is already available in India and Samsung is seeking to replicate the success of the Z1 which was limited to a few markets by availing it in more regions. European markets will be getting the 4G LTE variant unlike India which only has the 3G model.

According to our sources, Africa is also on the radar with early 2016 tipped as the launch date of Tizen devices in the first African markets of which Kenya is expected to be among them.