Much Delayed Tizen Smartphone Samsung Z Faces Yet Another Delay In Launch

Samsung Z Tizen

Samsung Z Tizen
Looks like Tizen fans will have to wait longer before the platform gets a real footing in the smartphone world. This is after Samsung allegedly announced postponement of the Russia release of Samsung Z. The Samsung Z runs Tizen OS and was already announced by Samsung with a Q3 availability to it’s name. Markets to release included Russia and others that are considered Samsung strong zones. Samsung on Monday said that the Tizen platform still needs more time to expand it’s following of apps developers and apps.

This means the Gear smart watches and Samsung NX300M camera remain longer as the only devices to run Tizen in the market. Samsung has plans to make their smart devices outside of smartphones, PCs and tablets run Tizen, that includes the internet of things that encompasses the smart home and smart office.

Tizen has faced numerous delays with Samsung seeming to play it safe to not release an uncooked platform, well, they have the money to work on it as long as it takes. Now whether this comes as a result of Google’s feelings about Samsung going with Tizen for Smartphones and smart watches we might take some time to know, or never know. Either way, Samsung has not given a date for the launch so this remains an indefinite postponement.