You can now have a Star Wars themed Facebook profile picture by using this tool

Star Wars Facebook tool

Star Wars Facebook tool

There is a new Star Wars movie that is scheduled to premiere this week on the 18th and the fever is sky high with the fans which is quite evident in their posts on social media. The film studio has noticed this and they have tried to maintain the interest by releasing trailers on the major social media platforms and tools like this latest tool on Facebook to theme your profile.

The post aims to entice you with the tagline: Awaken the Force within by adding Finn’s lightsaber to your profile picture. The tool allows you to theme your profile picture by clicking on the Try It button. When it loads, you have the option to theme it using the blue lightsaber or the red lightsaber (The three pronged version) that you get to see in the Star Wars universe. You can then go ahead to position the zoom factor of the finished photo by either dragging it or by using the slider at the bottom.

Google too had a partnership with Star Wars where you can skin selected Google apps with elements from the franchise. When you set it up on Gmail, the website loads with a cool animation of the lightsaber of your choice and on YouTube, the progress slider lights up as either blue or red.

This is a case of an ongoing trend of new age marketing of using social media to market a product. In the film industry, they previously used enticing posters and store giveaways to market a film but all that can be done online on social media platforms. That is long gone and social media marketing is the new in-thing and its potential is yet to be fully exploited.



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