Verified pages on Facebook can now Livestream

live for verified pages on Facebook

live for verified pages on Facebook

Facebook released Mentions, an app that allowed at the time a select group celebrities to use Facebook Live, the company’s livestreaming feature. It was later on rolled out to all verified accounts and could only be accessed if you had an iOS device. Facebook did not pump on the brakes in its rollout of Facebook Live where they rolled out the ability to make a live broadcast to all iOS users in the US in addition to making collages.

They have continued with the trend of releasing this feature by now enabling it for verified pages. This is only available for Facebook for iOS where you only need to go to the page, tap Publish, select Live Video and type a description of the broadcast before going live. Just like the norm in the livestreaming universe, you can be able to view the number of people tuned in your broadcasts, thier names and the real time comment stream from the engaged audience. The broadcast will be saved in your timeline so that people who missed it can be able to have a recap. In addition, people who have liked your page can tap on the subscribe button just like on YouTube so that they can be notified once you go live again.

This can be great for Pages of various brands in the media sector, sports or in the advertising industry where they can use it to broadcast breaking news, behind the scenes tours or product launches. Facebook is winning when it comes to being a reliable news source for its over 1.5 billion users thanks to its rollout of Facebook Live to more users, Instant Articles for content from other publications and better search to discover trending events from around the world.

Here are some of the past livestreams posted by verified pages on Facebook: