Jimmy Gait’s “Hello” Cover Causes Social Media Uproar


Jimmy Gait hello cover

Adele’s Hello has been a smash hit all over the world and as expected, other musicians have released several covers to the song. Our very own Dela made an excellent cover to the song which was received with much praise by locals and by publications from all over the world. Well, Jimmy Gait, a gospel singer decided to release a cover of the song and the response to the rendition was not entirely positive. The song was actually uploaded three days ago and it was given a Christian gospel twist plus an extra beat.

Here are some of the responses Kenyans on Twitter had about the cover:

There were people who liked the cover done by the singer and applauded the singer on Twitter:

When I first watched it 17 hours ago on YouTube, it had slightly over 300 views but that has ballooned to over 14,000 views. It has also gained over 1000 dislikes when compared to the almost 200 likes. There are 500+ comments on the video which is a mixture of displeasure towards the cover and other totally random comments that were not in any way related to the video. Here are some of the comments.

Jimmy Gait hello cover youtube comments

YouTube recently announced the Trending tab on its mobile app and on desktop and this is a nice way to keep in tabs on what people are currently watching in a certain locale. As of now, the Jimmy Gait cover is featured as one of the top watched videos at no. 48, but over time, it will rise in the rankings thanks to the controversy around it.


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