Apple to Release App for iPhone Users Making the Switch to Android


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In mid-September last year, Apple released its first ever Android application on the Google Play Store. The app, Move to iOS, was meant to make it easier for the many Android users who were ditching Google’s mobile platform for Apple’s iOS in the wake of the new iPhone 6S/6S Plus going on sale. That move did not sit well with Android fans who not only flocked the Play Store to post negative comments and downvote it but also trolled with a new app, Stick with Android. Reports are now emerging that Apple is about to do the exact opposite: release another application that is targeted at iPhone users making the switch to Android.

According to The Telegraph, European mobile network operators have piled pressure on Cupertino to make it easier for buyers of new Android-based devices to switch their contacts, photos, music and other personal information from their iPhones. With Apple’s iPhone almost being synonymous with the smartphone in most regions, the company’s reluctance to make it easier to migrate personal data from its iPhones to other devices has been cited as an abuse of its dominant position. While there is no shortage of third-party tools to do the same, an official simplified method has been lacking and it looks like Apple may have bowed to pressure.

Fine details of the undertaking which will be a first for the highly conservative Apple are still scarce but if indeed such an application is under development then it may not be long before it is available.