New Sketch Confirms LG Has Redesigned Upcoming Flagship Smartphone, G5


We’ve heard that LG will be dropping plastic for an all-metal build on its upcoming flagship smartphone, the LG G5. The Lg G5 is primed for launch towards the end of February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. As such, there is no shortage of rumours on what we may or may not see in LG’s latest and greatest. The latest in this intricate web of device rumours, hearsay and what have you is an elaborate sketch that clearly reveals a redesigned smartphone.


As can be seen from the above sketch, the phone’s design is a departure from what LG has released for the last 2 years.

Tipped to be “thinner, taller and wider” than the current LG flagship smartphone, the G4, the G5 will also see the volume buttons return to the side of the device from the bottom where they’d been relegated since the debut of the LG G2 in August 2013. This is likely due to the addition of a fingerprint scanner at the back. The same fingerprint scanner is said to be behind another design rethink in another smartphone, Huawei’s upcoming P9. According to the latest available information, Huawei will be forced to bring back the physical home button so as to integrate a fingerprint sensor on the front of the P9.

LG has already confirmed a press event for February 21st and we’re sure to hear all that we need to know about the G5 then. Before that happens, we expect more leaks to surface giving us hints and exact information on what LG has in store for us as it looks to counter Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7 which is set to be announced at around the same time.


Source: Android Authority