Zuku raises Prices of Fiber Package says Internet Speeds will increase by 50%

My Zuku Fiber Story

Zuku, a product of Wananchi group is one of the pioneers in Kenya for the triple play service that ventured into providing three services; internet, TV and telephone via a single fiber connection. The product came right after Zuku had first trialed WIMAX in Nairobi, then upgraded to Fiber based service. The product hit the road and has been quite in demand especially in residential areas.

In recent years, Zuku has faced increased customer service problems with many complaining of slow speeds. Last year, Zuku sought to change this image which led to the “My Zuku Fiber Story”. The campaign sought to spark conversation and provide a platform where Zuku customers could freely share their personal or professional testimonials and experiences. This saw customers raise their queries and one of the most consistent feedback was increase in internet speeds. Zuku has now announced plans to increase customer speeds by 50% where if a customer was on a 10 Mbps Link, they will now have a 15 Mbps link. The increase will however translate into a price increment for customers on various tiers of between Kshs. 200 and 2,000. The price and speeds changes will affect both new and existing customers effective February 15th 2016.  You can view the price changes below

Current Package New Packages Current Price New Price


Price Raise Kshs.
Discounted R1 Discounted R2 1,499 1,799 300
I1 I1 2,799 2,999 200
I10 I15 4,099 4,499 400
I20 I30 5,299 5,699 400
I4 I4 2,999 3,299 300
I50 I60 9,799 9,999 200
J4 J4 1,999 1,999 0
J1 J1 1,199 1,199 0
Office- R10 Office R15 6,999 7,699 700
Office-R20 Office R30 9,999 10,999 1000
Office R50 Office R60 12,999 14,999 2,000
Old Packages Old Packages 2,499 2,999 500
R1 R1 2,999 3,299 300
R10 R15 4,299 4,799 500
R20 R30 5,499 5,799 300
R50 R60 9,999 10,499 500