Microsoft Unveils News App for iOS Users Only

News Pro web
News Pro web
News Pro web

Microsoft is at it again. The company’s Garage team that is responsible for most of the applications that are now available on rival mobile platforms iOS and Android like Mimicker, Arrow Launcher and others, is now back with an iOS exclusive: News Pro.

The app is said to be similar in functionality to Apple’s own News application and a direct rival to Flipboard, the magazine-style news delivery application. It relies on your LinkedIn and Facebook likes and interests to present news relevant to you. Once one is signed in, all news items delivered will be in sync with their tastes on the two platforms.

We had previously heard that Microsoft was testing a news application called Newscast that read news to you. From the look of it, News Pro is definitely not Newscast. That one was said to be from the Bing team while this one is from the Garage team that specializes in several experiments.

In case you were crossing your fingers for News Pro being available on other platforms like Microsoft’s own Windows Mobile or Android then you are not in luck. News Pro won’t be appearing on the Play Store or somewhere else. Don’t sulk though, you can still get it on your browser since it is live on the web as well. Just head over to

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