Pilot who attacked a Kenyan policewoman trends on Twitter

via Tycoon news on Twitter
via Tycoon news on Twitter
via Tycoon news on Twitter

Controversial videos tend to get viral pretty quick on social media and in this iteration, it is a video of a scene between an alleged British Pilot and a Kenyan policewoman.

This incident happened when the Deputy President was attending a function in Nyandarua. The pilot confronted the policewoman where he wanted her to make sure the public does not get near the helicopter. The pilot was not clearly pleased with her work and went ahead to assault her and the public watching condemned his actions.

When this video was posted on Twitter, everybody condemned the pilots actions and the leading trending topic as of now is #DeportRutosPilot. Kenyans on Twitter condemned his actions where they wanted him to be charged, arrested and some even suggested to be deported just like the hashtag title.

Also, people condemned the people who are featured in the video for not helping the policewoman from the attack.

There has been a development in this case where there has been a release from the Office of the Inspector General about the incident. It says that the “Inspector General of Police, Mr. Joseph Boinnet has ordered investigations with immediate effect and commencement of criminal proceedings against the suspect.”

It is also reported that the Deputy President has asked for investigations against his pilot over the incident.

This is one of those cases where social media shines: Delivering breaking news and especially on Twitter. This later on trickles down on to the traditional media and has been the case for a while. We only have to wait and see how this incident will be handled and reported on the various social networks later on.

[Update] According to reports on Twitter, the pilot (now revealed as Mr. Alistair Patrick Llewelyn)  has been fired from the company he was working for.