Instagram’s new feature is video channels that are powered by algorithms



Facebook is betting big on video and since Instagram is part of its ecosystem, the same trend has been observed too on the filter happy social network.

The latest update on Instagram is the company’s focus on making people consume more video on the network. That is why they announced on their blog about the new feature on Instagram: Video Channels.

So what is Video Channels? Well Instagram will bake in video channels within Explore so that you can experience what videos people are sharing on the social networks. One of the channels is Videos You Might Like which probably thanks to its algorithms will recommend a bunch of videos that you may like to watch. The other is Featured channels  which are channels with videos that are arranged into various topics.

Instagram video channels

Instagram also gave a tip to make sure you are recommended videos that you may want to use:

The more you like, the better Explore gets, adjusting to your preferences and showing you more of the stuff you enjoy. And if you see something you don’t like, tap “See Fewer Posts Like This” in the ‘…’ menu to make your Explore experience even better.

Sadly, the new changes on Explore will only be available in the US as of now and will be available as the version 7.2 update on iOS and Android. The last time Explore had a major change was the one announced in June where they added curated content and new search functionality. However, just like the new video channels, we are yet to see curated content being populated on this side of the world.