Kenya’s Rugby 7s Team Won the IRB World Series Main Cup for the First Time and Twitter Lost It


Kenya is in a celebratory mood. For the first time in the nation’s history, its rugby team, commonly referred to as “Shujaa” which means hero in Swahili, has won the main cup of the International Rugby Board’s HSBC World Series. Naturally, Kenya being a tweeting nation, it was Twitter that Kenyans turned to. And it was spectacular.

Here are some interesting tweets showing the emotion, confusion, joy and celebrations that accompanied the momentous occasion.

When Kenya won 30-7 we all felt like

And celebrated like

Some of us were either not so sure who the sponsors of the IRB World Series are and ended up confusing them with Kenya’s electoral body, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) or were too excited to confuse the IEBC with HSBC. Well, they both have BC, don’t they?


Some could not differentiate between points and tries in rugby. Never mind that they were the ones broadcasting the game locally


Some, in the race to stay relevant, thought Kenya had won the rugby World Cup



Some could not remember the coach’s name – things winning does to you

Others got carried away

Some saw South Africa’s hand in the way SuperSport experienced an outage just when medals were being awarded to the Kenyan team hence leading to viewers missing the one part they had waited for in 142 World Series tournaments to see. (As a result, ‘South Africans’ was trending in Kenya right after #Kenya7s which was trending both in Kenya and worldwide)

So they threw shade at the South Africans

As others threw shade at a common suspect, Arsenal Football Club…

…and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)

Some demanded a holiday from the government in the most flowery language ever – clearly people hate Mondays

And he granted it…

…Sort of


The President joined in the celebrations on Twitter

As did other “woke” Kenyans on Twitter

But at the end of the day, we all agree with what is written on this shirt. It’s in the holy books, look it up!

Lastly, in the words of Babu Owino,


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