Twitter’s Mobile Web is now less iOS-ish in design

twitter mobile web

twitter mobile web

Twitter’s mobile web is usually one of the first experiences a new user has of the social network. Back in 2011, it was not intuitive at all where you really didn’t know what was happening and could be the reason why many people found Twitter hard to use.

Over time, Twitter has revamped the user interface for mobile web, but it failed to keep up with the official app that was available on Google Play Store and on the App Store. Twitter also added the ability to tweet via text which diminished its use even further. It has been sporting the user interface that resembles the one seen from iOS devices for long and one in previous Twitter for Android versions but now Twitter has made a welcome change to it.

New look Twitter mobile web

The new look mimics the design language we have seen on the Twitter for Android app and Google’s Material design. Gone is the skeuomorphic elements that were present on the old iOS versions and in is a flatter design that is reminiscent of the Twitter for Android app. An interesting change is found while tapping on the account button at the right which brings up a list of functions like Profile, Who to Follow and the rest, which is an effort to take advantage of space on the page.

This will be a welcome change for two groups of users: Newbies who get to use Twitter while on their browser and probably don’t have a smartphone and for people who use Mobile Web as their Twitter client. The first group is of more importance to the social network since they have a slow growth curve and pairing that with their new homepage, it will make it easier for newbies to use Twitter.