WhatsApp is back online in Brazil but Telegram was the big winner here



Whatsapp was banned early this week  in Brazil and it was the second reported case in under a year where the popular chatting network was blocked in the country. In this case, it involved the non compliance to submit data for a court case and WhatsApp was hence served a 72 hour ban.

Well, that ban has been overturned thanks to a report by the report by the New York Times where a judge from a higher court carried out the ruling. A spokesperson told the publication that the overruling is not a complete victory for WhatsApp since it was based on the merits of the original case.

Jan Koum, WhatsApp’s co-founder and CEO took to Facebook to comment about the matter:

Thankfully, WhatsApp is now back online. We’re humbled by the great support of people across Brazil, and appreciate your patience as the legal process unfolded. We have no intention of compromising people’s security and we hope those impacted by this decision join us in making their voices heard in support of an open and secure internet. The last thing we want is to see WhatsApp blocked again.

The WhatsApp fiasco in Brazil has been an opportunity for Telegram where millions of people have joined the service thanks to the outage. In the first case that was between WhatsApp and telcos, over 1 million people signed up for the service. This time round, the figure was much higher where Telegram revealed that over 7 million users signed up for the service in one day.