Facebook is now testing a topic sorted Newsfeed for desktop

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One of Facebook’s core products is the News Feed and it is usually given priority since it is usually the thing its vast audience interacts with the most every day. They have made it in such a way that it serves you with the content that you will most likely engage with, which is good for you and good for them to serve you targeted ads.

The company was testing out a new kind of News Feed layout that is segmented into topics but for mobile. This is because previously, it was one scrollable timeline where you are served with content from various topics all at a go. It seems Facebook is testing that to desktop as reported by Mashable.

via Mashable
via Mashable

Apparently, Facebook is testing the feature in Australia where people were greeted with the new segmented layout with the notice:”There’s a new way to see a stream of stories that focus on a specific topic.” Just like what we saw in mobile, the list of topics are quite exhaustive: Food, thoughts, Science & Tech, Selfies, TV& Film and many more. You could enable what you wanted to see on that carousel according to your interests. The really good thing about this setup is that you are able to see content of a specific topic although it would need an extra tap to reach there.

The last time Facebook web was updated is when the company served it with the Live Video update where you can see the various live broadcasts that are being beamed on its network in a map.