Twitter is Testing 2 New Features That Seem to be Targeted at Brands

This should be rolled out ASAP



Social networks focused initially on the general public in an effort to scale up. However in the process of scaling up, it attracted both the general public and brands too and they have been focusing of late on the latter so that it is easy for them to market in their platforms. Twitter has not been left in this industry change and it is reflected in the following changes.

“Working hours”


Twitter seems to be testing a feature where you can know when a brand is active most. As shown in the official Twitter profile of Medium, the tag appears on the profile right below the tag which shows when the account was created. Comparing the feature with what Facebook offers for Pages, on Facebook, brands can set the working hours and there is a badge that automatically determines how responsive the Page administrators are in form of a percentage. In Twitter’s case, this will allow people to know when to interact with a certain brand on the platform at what time so as to maximize engagement.

“Featured tweets”


The next feature that could interest brands is a dedicated “Featured tweets” tab on a brand’s Twitter page. This is shown on IFTTT’s Twitter profile as shown above and will allow the administrator of the Twitter account to curate certain tweets that they think it could be useful to their customers.This is actually a great idea since Twitter is usually geared for the “in-the-moment” kind of situations and tweets usually get lost in the fray. This will help a great deal for specific information the brand thinks it is important to be shared to the public as they have been sifted from the general flow of tweets.

These 2 features will go well with Twitter’s quest to make it the best platform for brands to interact with their customers like the previous announcement that involved customer feedback in the DMs.


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