Google Has a Font inspired by Kenya

This is cool

Via Google Fonts

There are a lot of font styles out there and you may interact with them from word processors like Microsoft Word or the default one on your web browser or your phone. You may have a favourite font style like Garamond in my case or a company could have a default font style for its software like Roboto for Android and San Francisco in the case for Apple.

Fonts are usually given a myriad of names but this particular one hits home since it is named after our country, although made with an obvious typo. The font Kenia was developed by on Julia Petretta as described in the font’s Google Font’s page.

The designer gave the reason why she named the font Kenia:

Inspired by travel and my stay in Kenya. I would fill my days with sketches and lettering. From there Kenia evolved as a stencil display font. With its text appearance in small point sizes resembling an old German gothic sort of font, modern feel Kenia works for headlines, introductory paragraphs, and in small text setting. Its playful and friendly character makes it suitable for happy typography in magazines, blogs, online games, and other on-screen and print-based text.

Sure thing, it looks rather cool and in my opinion, it could be perfect for headlines for a magazine. When you check the font statistics, it has been viewed almost a million times with the highest views around mid April and interestingly enough, United States is the biggest user of the font.

It is rather flattering that a tourist was inspired by the nature of her travel in the country to come up with a font for people to use. We have also seen other developers being inspired by our culture like the Star Wars- Maasai concept done by a certain designer so it is good to see people are inspired by our unique culture.