Huawei P9 Sees 6 Million Unit Sales Globally in 5 Months


Huawei’s 2016 flagship, the P9, seems to be doing well worldwide. Huawei has reportedly sold 6 million P9 units since the device was launched in April.

Back in June, the company confirmed that it had, as at then, shipped 2.6 million units of both the P9 and the P9 Plus, the P9’s larger sibling. According to GSMArena, the 6 million units sales figure it is reporting is not inclusive of the P9 Plus furthermore highlighting the P9’s positive performance.

While we don’t know, yet, what customers find as the biggest draw to the device, it is not hard to piece together a couple of reasons. The P9 has one of the best cameras on a smartphone today (check this review) and it is the most affordable of all the flagship smartphones from the world’s big 3 smartphone vendors.

Soon, Huawei will start selling the P9 in two new colours and this is expected to bring more people to the Huawei brand as the company edges towards its 10 million units sales target by the end of 2016.