Tecno Phantom 6 Plus Unboxing

Big box, big phone



Like last year with the Phantom 5, Tecno has once again, gone out of its way to make the packaging of one of its flagship smartphones this year, the Phantom 6 Plus, stand out from the rest.

Out go the flashy light colours:


And in come the deep blacks, as if to say something about the device’s display (AMOLED displays are known for their deep blacks):


Other than the usual stuff (user manuals, warranty cards, wall adaptors, USB cables etc) buyers of the Phantom 6 Plus also get a free smart flip cover included in the box alongside a USB Type-C to microUSB adaptor to make it possible to charge the device and transfer data using one’s existing cables since the Phantom 6 Plus has a USB Type-C port. There’s also a free tempered glass screen protector included.

See a quick run down in this gallery:

If you noticed something missing then you are right. The phone itself is nowhere to be seen. That’s because it is the one that took the above images (so by now you should know what to expect of that camera already) and you can get a look at it in my first impressions piece.

I don’t know the device’s pricing, yet, but it should be between Kshs 34,000-36,000 just like the Phantom 5 last year.