Pinterest Gains 50% More Active Montly Users In a Year



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Pinterest is one of those social networking apps that most of you probably don’t use it all of the time but in its own right, it is a huge network in its own right.

Last year, they celebrated a milestone where they finally passed the 100 million monthly users mark. For social networks, this is usually big news for them to hit 9 figure user marks and achieve high rate of growth at the same time.

Well last year they hit 100 million and now Pinterest is revealing that between last year and this year, they have added 50 million more for a monthly active user base of 150 million.

That is not the only statistic they announced, apparently over 50% on Pinterest and 75% of new signups are done by people outside the US. They also touched on the gender issue which Pinterest is widely known as a network with a large female audience. Now, Pinterest is revealing that 40% of people who are signing up for Pinterest are men which apparently is a 70% jump from what they recorded last year.

We know Pinterest for its unique way of letting you “pin” various items of interest you find in the network on “boards” that are specific to a category. In practice, Pinterest is a great place to find awesome stuff and that is why they have ecommerce strategies like Buyable Pins that let you buy stuff on the network. They also revamped their search interface so that it is easy for you to find verified accounts (brands or individual) in your quest to pin stuff on interest.


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