Chief Kariuki Is Planning To Launch A Telegram Channel



The mobile phone age has made it possible to communicate with people with ease and it is indeed the hallmark of the current industrial revolution. There are so many ways of communicating with people using mobile phones: voice calls, SMS and via data (messaging apps  that offer voice calls, video calls and messaging services).

Your usage may vary from communicating with clients/family/acquaintances but one Chief Kariuki is famously known for using telecommunications services to solve problems in his location. He has been using Twitter as a medium to connect with his residents who send cases of theft for example and relays this info so that the residents can help find the lost item (who receive it by subscribing to his tweets).

It seems now the chief wants to explore another avenue to relay information to his residents by going to Telegram Messenger.

When I got in touch with him about the move, he told me that it was a Telegram channel and he is “working on the name.” From the tweet,he wants people to “share security alerts and information,” just like how he has been doing with Twitter and the good old SMS.

“Channel has no limitations. It’s good for the users because you can share pictures and videos easily,” he says and that is what Telegram was aiming for when they launched it over a year ago. They introduced nifty improvements to Channels 6 months later and it has become one of the biggest attractions to Telegram Messenger. We have seen interesting channels that give information to the general public like Kenya Alerts or the one opened by the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU).



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