PewDiePie Divulged The Time His YouTube Channel Will Be Deleted After Hitting 50 Million Subs

Well...he is serious



YouTube has made some people become bonafide celebrities and one of them is Felix Kjellberg, who is known by his popular channel, PewDiePie.

For quite a while now, Kjellberg has had the channel with the highest number of subscribers, which has grown tremendously in the last 6 years. He started making commentaries on video games and later on did some vlogging which led him to acquire such an impressive audience.

However, recently he hinted in a rant  that he would delete his YouTube channel if it hits 50 million subscribers. 50 million is an impressive number of subscribers a lot of people out there on YouTube would love to have as their stat but PewDiePie had his reasons laid out on the video.

He complained that YouTube has had several perennial problems like un-subbing people from channels they subscribed to and videos do not appear for the channel you subscribed to where instead we have a recommended feed. He also felt like his channel was “dying” and it was “going down hard” thanks to his dipping view count on his vlogs.

Well his channel finally hit the 50 million subscribers mark a week later and today, he gave a timeline of when he’ll finally pull the plug of the channel that made him famous in a tweet.

The time given is 5pm GMT which is 8pm East African Time. People are quite sceptical about his move where they were doubting whether he will delete the channel (and also his secondary channel) or it it is just an act. Forbes recently named him the highest earning YouTuber for 2016, since he $15 million between June last year and June this year thanks to his channel and book sales. We now have to wait and see if PewDiePie will honour his word.

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