Google and Xiaomi Ex-VP Hugo Barra Joining Facebook


3 days after announcing his exit from Chinese device maker Xiaomi, Hugo Barra has revealed exactly where in Silicon Valley he is headed: Facebook.

Posts on his personal Twitter account and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s own Facebook page confirm the news.

Hugo Barra, who is still in China, will be joining Facebook as the vice president of Virtual Reality (VR) meaning that he will be in charge of all of the company’s VR efforts including heading Oculus.

According to the Facebook boss, Barra shares in his belief that VR will become a major computing platform with the latter noting in a comment that “there’s no greater calling in our industry than taking breakthrough tech and making it available to the greatest number of people.”

Hugo Barra’s departure from a Chinese company to head VR efforts at an American company is the exact opposite of what happened with former Microsoft executive vice president and famed Artificial Intelligence expert Qi Lu who left the company for Chinese giant Baidu where he joined as the COO and group president.