Android 7.0 Nougat Is Rolling Out to Infinix Note 3

Android 7.0 Nougat
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Yep, Nougat is rolling out to the famous Infinix Note 3.

The Note 3 is the successor of the Infinix Note 2, which was a decent phone at its time. It should also be remembered that the Note series of smartphones from Infinix focus on stupendous battery life and exemplary media consumption based on their large screens. We like the Note 3 because of several reasons; it is well crafted with an all-metal design, packs a fingerprint scanner (a rarity at its time of launch) and lastly, it is well priced. We were also glad to see Infinix elevate its screen resolution to 1080p (the Note 2 and the original Note had a 720p display). You can check our written review and video review here and here, respectively.

Infinix Note 3 Nougat


The Nougat goodies include a several notable and under-the-hood feature including split-screen multitasking, a revamped notification system, improved battery management, seamless updates (on select devices), to mention a few.

Android 7.0 Nougat will celebrate its one-year birthday in a couple of months, and OEMs have not been doing very well when it comes to updating their phones to the latest software. However, they are trying to play catch-up in that sector, and as of April 2017, Nougat has a measly 4.5% in the Android distribution statistics. Apparently, those numbers are unimpressive, but we applaud Infinix for their efforts in this regard.

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