‘Tis the Season of Conspiracy Theories on Twitter, and They are Hilarious

What an experiment!

avril lavigne

avril lavigneThe Internet was clearly made for three things: Cat photos and videos, people arguing for no reason and conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories have proven to be popular in both article form and in videos that you find in a network like YouTube for example where people tend to come up with an explanation about something.

Conspiracy theories tend to generate a lot of conversation in Internet forums since people try to come up with a ‘logical’ explanation to an unexplained phenomena. On Saturday, a Twitter user by the name @givenchyass decided to start a tweetstorm where she had a theory that Avril Lavigne, the famous rock singer had ‘died’ and was replaced by a lookalike.

The entire tweetstorm proved to be incredibly popular since the person gave some ‘evidence’ to support her claim and as such, the preface tweet is now nearing the hundred thousandth retweet mark.

However when you research on the ‘conspiracy theory’, it is not exactly new since a VICE article investigated the piece where the source of it was from a Avril Lavigne fansite based in Brazil. This conspiracy tweetstorm proved to be so popular to the point that it made people come up with conspiracy theories of their own.

First, there is one who instead thought Avril Lavigne was replaced by Lil Uzi Vert

Now this lady decided to start another conspiracy theory tweetstorm where she claimed that Diddy was ‘killed’ and replaced by a Somali man.

The conspiracy theories started to get weird.

This is one about Messi, the famous foward

Rami Malek conspiracy theory

Kylie Jenner’s conspiracy theory

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