Antibiotics, Facial Products and Condoms Drive MYDAWA App Downloads to 10,000


MYDAWA is a platform, android and web app, that enables users to buy quality medicine and health products affordably and conveniently. The platform was launched last month, and in just four months, the android app has garnered about 10,000 downloads.

The platform is simply an e-commerce app for medical products. MYDAWA claims that it has over 1,000 products in stock ranging from prescription medicine, over the counter medicine and wellness products such as multi vitamins and supplements. MYDAWA guarantees that it only stocks genuine products and each product is secured with a unique tamper-evident seal that allows customers to verify the authenticity of the products.

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Interestingly, among the most popular products being bought through the platform are antibiotics, baby products, and face care cosmetics. MYDAWA informed Techweez that condoms are also popular due to privacy of purchasing method.

Speaking of purchasing method, once signed up on the platform, the user will browse the catalog, add the items they want to their cart and checkout via M-Pesa. Delivery to your preferred collection point is free as the service is currently only in Nairobi.

Other features of the platform include the ability for users to validate the authenticity of the product purchased through the app, just in case you do not trust the nduthi guy (delivery guy), a wellness blog and ability to upload your prescription to get medicine through the app – we all know we can’t read doctor’s handwriting.

MYDAWA aims to reach 30,000 users in the coming three months, an ambitious goal but then again, ambition is priceless.