This Lady Wants to Buy Twitter so She can Ban Donald Trump

Petition buy Twitter ban trump

Petition buy Twitter ban trump

President Trump has used Twitter to express his opinion, long before assuming office, and his controversial tweets are a subject of intense scrutiny. Every tweet that he makes generates a lot of comments and he has also gone ahead to block people, which has irked some people to the point where they checked if that is legal.

Since his tweets are controversial and he has blocked people, the only way to potentially stop him is by banning him from Twitter. This lady has an idea: Buy Twitter so as to ban him.

Valerie Wilson, former CIA (it says on her Twitter bio) started a GoFundMe campaign where she implores people to raise money to buy Twitter so as to ban trump.

“Donald Trump has done a lot of horrible things on Twitter, from emboldening white supremacists to promoting violence against journalists, his tweets damage the country and put people in harm’s way,” she says. “It’s time to shut him down.”

The plan here is to raise money to buy shares on Twitter, since the company is publicly listed on the stock exchange. At the current rate, she would need $6 billion dollars to have a majority stake, but $1 billion would make her the largest shareholder of the company.

Yes, the campaign’s goal is to raise a billion dollars, which is quite a lofty goal by all standards. According to the page, the campaign is currently trending and has raised over $46,000 as of writing this article from close to 1500 people.

Well let us see how this will pan out as we have seen petitions being put forward before that aim to change Twitter for the better.