People Have Mixed Reactions at the Prospect of 280 Character Limit Tweets

twitter 280 characters

Twitter today decided to drop a bombshell by announcing that they are changing one of their well known idiosyncrasies. The 140 character limit has now been expanded to 280 characters as shown by Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey.

This move is for sure a major one since for the last 10 years, Twitter users have grown accustomed to the 140 character limit. That brevity has also affected Twitter users in various ways like subconsciously making our thoughts more efficient and has reduced our reading span drastically.

Twitter says that they are testing this change to a small number of users in the network. However, the special few that were given this power seem like they are unaware of what to do with all this power.

This change has resulted into a weird cacophony of long tweets from these people and they are as random as they get.

This guy explains how the whole tweeting with 280 characters is like

This guy feels like ‘God’ thanks to being among the chosen few

Then later on, he thought it sucked

This guy is having an existential crisis

This guy decided to use the 280 character limit to write the Lorem ipsum filler text you see during development of webpages

People are really feeling special with the opportunity to tweet such long tweets

Of course there is that one guy who will put the 280 characters into good use by writing an Lorem ipsum paragraph

Got tired after the first four o’s

So many questions. Future tweets will be like this

Ironical that an inactive guy was given this power

To end this stream of 280 character long tweets, we now head over to this gem of a tweet that shows how Jack’s tweet could have been shorter

We also have the typical reactions from people about this big change by Twitter.

Longer woos 

When you want to use the entire 280 character limit

More long format jokes

Differences between 140 vs 280



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