iPhone X Users are Uploading Animoji Karaoke Videos, and They’re Hilarious

This is the only reason to get the iPhone X

animoji karaoke

The iPhone X was launched in September alongside the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and Apple set it out as the future of iPhones from now. It also bears a premium price that starts at $1000 for the 64GB variant, which is a notch higher than the most expensive 8 Plus model which tops out at $969.

What you get for your $1000+ is slightly different telephoto camera, huge OLED screen, stainless steel railing, no home button and a notch that bears various technologies that enable frankly its best feature: Animojis.

Thanks to the face scanning tech embedded on the iPhone X notch, the phone can track your facial muscles and replicate these on emojis that you can send to your friends. The iPhone X is the only iPhone that can allow you to create these emojis and they are quite cool.

The iPhone X was finally up for sale to everyone last week and this means a lot of people out there have bought the phone already. This has led to people starting to use animojis in a creative way: Animoji karaoke.

Since you can’t shoot animoji videos longer than 10 seconds, some users have decided to be clever by stitching various videos together for a dramatic effect.

Animoji karaoke ft the song Gasolina

Featuring Queen’s famous song: Bohemian Rhapsody

Aliens singing Redbone

This is one straight from Lion King

Of course Adele had to feature thanks to this unicorn

I love this

Yes someone should take animojis away from him

And of course, someone had to remix this song


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