Diving Into The World Of Cameras


Cameras are everywhere! All of them have different features and can improve your photography skills easy and quick. Although you can still find disposable cameras all over the country, we want to talk about the different cameras out there and which ones are going to be best for your own personal goals. Grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee and let’s dive in to this together.

Cellphone Cameras

We have to include cellphone cameras on this list because almost everyone has a phone with a camera on it. Most phones come with a better megapixel than what was first available 20 years ago. Seriously, cell phones can create some of the best images and are worthy of exploring. Features? You bet! Front-facing lenses for selfies, regular photo shooting, and video is just the beginning. Many phones will now let you zoom in, crop your photo, edit the lighting, and reduce red eye. They come with flash to help you navigate unfavorable lighting and you can even use a timer. Think photo editing is limited to just the features on the phone? Not anymore. There are lots of apps, such as Snapseed, that give you professional level photo editing to create masterpieces that won’t require any other device.

The Point And Shoot

Point and shoots are the standard when it comes to a simple, basic camera to get you started in your new pastime. They often come with a zoom lens that folds into the camera when not in use, a few settings you can change, an LCD screen for viewing (eliminating a need for the viewfinder), and come with a decent amount of megapixels for crisp pictures. Some will even include HD video recording and Wi-Fi so that you can immediately upload to your social media networks. It’s great for everyday and personal use rather than trying to take professional pictures and for its low price tag.

Adventurous Cameras

This type of camera looks a lot like a point and shoot but is slightly different. These are the ones you want to take with you when you go exploring. They may be waterproof so that you can get some underwater shots of the coral while swimming in the tropics. It may be shockproof to take along on your rock climbing adventure on Mount Asgard, drop it and it will still live (within reason)! You can even find some that are freeze proof so that you can finally go to Mt Everest and capture it all. While these are more expensive than your point and shoot, it won’t include any extra mechanical features to improve on your picture taking.

Mirrorless Cameras

A mirrorless camera is a little bit different than a fancy digital SLR (more on that in a moment). It can take different lenses and it also does not have a viewfinder. These are lightweight, quite a bit smaller, and less expensive than the DSLR counterpart. This camera is perfect for the person who takes photography seriously but not so seriously that they require a digital SLR. They offer great quality of pictures and can offer a myriad of functions that will take your photography from personal use to budding artist.

DSLR Cameras

DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex and this is the best type of camera you can buy for the best quality pictures you can create. Photographers use DSLR religiously and you can too if you are ready to graduate to that level (or not ready but just love the idea of having an upscale camera). The creative controls are numerous and you will need to be taught or already know how those controls function. Changing the lenses are easy and open the doors to a wider range of photography options. This is the most expensive camera of all.

Smartphone cameras, point and shoot, DSLR, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world of photography, there is a camera for you. Play, explore, and enjoy!