Controversial Safaricom Advert Gets Love and Hate in Equal Measure

This is quite polarizing

Controversial Safaricom Advert Gets Love and Hate in Equal Measure


One thing that you expect to be in plenty on social media is opinion and this transcends from individual posts all the way to ones sent by corporations.

Now Safaricom is known locally for their interesting ads and their latest one has become quite controversial on social media, especially on Twitter.

The basic premise of the ad starts with a ‘statistic’ that most men in Kenya are not at home during the weekend. They are instead in the clubs watching their favourite teams play while ‘missing out on their kids lives’, ‘forgetting’ their wives names and leaving their pets behind. The solution being presented by Safaricom is to get Safaricom Home Fiber to the home so that they can catch all the entertainment at home.

This ad became quite controversial on Twitter, and polarizing too, where some liked it and some did not like it.

Best ad ever, said this lady.

So many questions

She is asking the important questions about the ad.

This is going to be trouble

This person has mixed feelings about it.

‘they are pushing the limits of product marketing’

Well this guy clearly knows what brings him back home

Wait, what?

Got to give them for their advertising

Millennialย for ‘nope’

This guy thinks the ad campaigns have now been cheapened

This is an underrated advert, probably