Mark Zuckerberg

Mark ZuckerbergThe Podcasting business is big especially with the recent acquiring of Gimlet and Anchor by Spotify and Mark Zuckerberg wants to take advantage of this content platform with his new podcast.

The scandal-ridden Mark Zuckerberg has been busy recording episodes while handling Facebook’s entire privacy policy shift and fighting off allegations of spreading misinformation.

The announcement of Mark’s podcast comes just after news that the FTC could fine them close to $40,000 a day per individual violation under the consent decree following the Cambridge Analytical scandal. The fine could amount to almost a high of $2 trillion.

Mark Zuckerberg has been consistent on his podcast side gig as it currently now has 2 episodes on Spotify. This new venture was part of his 2019 new year’s resolutions to publicly tackle big questions about technology’s place in society and the podcast would let him discuss these issues in a thoughtful and humane way.

In the first episode, Mark talks with Harvard Law professor Jonathan Zittrain, an expert in technology policy and regulation.
On journalism, privacy and regulation is the latest episode on Tech and Society with Mark Zuckerberg and talks about fake news. The Facebook CEO sat with Mathias Döpfner, a former journalist and CEO of German publisher Axel Springer.

The episode goes for almost an hour and the two discussed his company’s role and impact on journalism. Mark went ahead to explain Facebook’s latest news project that will help “make news more visible to users.”

“How do we achieve high-quality curation?” Mark asked but as many publishers have done before, Mathias replied with a pushover in an optimistic tone, “As long as there’s a fair model” for the publishers and they get a revenue share of the profit, Zuckerberg’s vision of turning Facebook into a robust news-curation platform could work.” The former journalist continues with the argument, “Facebook becoming a publisher itself would be problematic for publishers.”

If the podcasts sound familiar, it’s because you’ve probably watched the videos as the episodes are actually audio versions of discussions Zuckerberg has had previously.

The podcast gives Zuckerberg a more comfortable way of offering transparency without the awkward drinking glasses of water in front of Congress.

Also, expect to see new podcast episodes “every few weeks” as the podcast spreads to more audio platforms as Tech and Society with Mark Zuckerberg is only available on Spotify.

Listen to the podcast here: