OPPO New MeshTalk Technology Supports Voice Calls Without Wi-Fi or Cellular Connection

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F11 Pro BackOPPO has been doing a terrific job in keeping the smartphone industry at its paces. The Chinese phone manufacturer, which is under the umbrella of BBK Electronics that also manages Vivo and OnePlus has been instrumental in launching some impressive mobile technologies. Just the other day, OPPO revealed a key milestone in making all-screen devices, which entails hiding the front camera under the display as demonstrated in a trade show in Shanghai in a market where the competition is pursuing other avenues in designing modern-looking infinity screens as is the case of pop-up and punch-hole cameras.

The company has also revealed another admirable milestone in terms of radio technology. According to Venturebeat, the company has demonstrated MeshTalk, a revolutionary wireless technology that will see OPPO phones within a 3-km range exchange services such as voice calls, texts without cellular coverage, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

As its name suggests, the technology uses mesh networks, where there is an interlaced structure and several interconnections of nodes that establish links to connect to others. Since nodes are linked in a series of web, OPPO devices that will use the feature will serve as routers and forward messages to others. In essence, it enables content such as voice calls to reach the target device.

Furthermore, OPPO says that MeshTalk uses a custom chip whose sensitivity has been ameliorated to achieve the 3km range. Its operation does not require a robust bandwidth, yet can still support the aforementioned calls (that traditionally require high bandwidth). The company has also reported that it is planning to design phones that can pull 72 hours of standby time with an active mesh network, which will play a critical role in helping people communicate in case of an emergency. The fact that it does not rely on frequencies provided by carriers implies that users will cut their phone billing.

OPPO has not divulged additional details, such as whether MeshTalk will function as some kind of a walkie-talkie rig. It has not been revealed whether the 3-km range can be extended if there are OPPO mesh devices in between.