Safaricom Teases Refreshed M-PESA Logo, Draws Mixed Reactions


One of the few things that arouse a lot of hoity-toity opinion is when a company decides to change their logo. Logos are important since we tend to identify a company with them. Changing them means that we break continuity and people do not like change, as we have seen before with Equity Group.

Safaricom, Kenya’s biggest carrier has several brands under its belt, and one of them is M-PESA. The mobile money service has over 26 million users as per the latest statistics and its logo is well known. You see it when you visit an agent or you pop in to Safaricom shops.

Just like any other brand, it undergoes a logo change when the company sees feet. The M-PESA logo is not new to changes and now Safaricom is teasing another logo change.

They didn’t specify which logo is the new MPESA logo. All of them share the same sentiment: They incorporated the red and green colors that we have grown accustomed to, but with some key changes. The logos look modern with updated fonts and these changes were met with criticism and praise alike.

Well that’s one idea

This one likes the right one

He likes the first one

This guy likes the bottom left one


A question that we are all asking

This guy doesn’t see the difference

Designer alert! Designer alert!

This went dark pretty quick

This is not the first time Safaricom has teased their logo on Twitter and the resulting comments went downhill from there.

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  1. I may be reading into this a bit too much but I believe that this is a data analytics project/experiment to gauge the sentiment of mpesa users so as to select the logo with the best feedback😅😅😅

  2. The small letter logo is best ,I had tried to come up with a sample .please reach me on whatsapp to show my sample which a no. Of customers have been following much

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