Twitter Is Probably Not Going to Have an Edit Button According to Jack Dorsey


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Twitter launched in March 2006 and they’ve been bringing new features such Topics, Dark mode, Lists, Tabs for Topics, Lists and Bookmarks, revamped their web interface, allow users to attach gifs, videos or photos to quote retweets, Status indicators and recently talked about “conversational participants’ compose screen tool that will let users limit who can reply and improving thread conversation.

If you’ve been a Twitter user for a while, you’ll notice the endless calls for an edit button. It has been like shouting to te dark because every time we think Twitter will include it in the new features it brings but nothing comes close to it.

We now have a definitive answer on whether the social media giant will actually bring that button. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO was in a Wired Q & A interview and was asked if Twitter will finally get an edit button this year. “The answer is no,” he replied.

We’ll now have to live with our grammar mistakes or reply to make the correction

“We started as an SMS, text message service. And as you all know, when you send a text, you can’t really take it back. We wanted to preserve that vibe, that feeling, in the early days, ” Jack Dorsey explains in the video.

Edit button could have good and bad applications as you can fix typos and broken links while malicious actors can edit their tweets to mislead people.

“So, these are all the considerations. But we’ll probably never do it.,” Jack concludes. Fingers crossed, Twitter will in the near future bring it according to that statement but it looks like this feature is low on Twitter’s list of priorities.

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