Safaricom and Airtel Kenya PostPay Plans: Which is Better?


Safaricom has revised its PostPay product to appeal to more people now. For those who need how to hop in, here is a detailed explanation of how you can go about it.

On the other hand, you may want to know how the plans compare to Airtel Kenya’s PostPay, which happens to be Kenya’s second-largest operator. Airtel has traditionally been liked by a lot of people, but its 4G coverage, while being cheap, is limited to select towns in the country. This effectively makes it slower, but that is not usually the full story.

Now, Airtel’s PostPay is quite interesting, and as you may have figured out, they offer more than what Safaricom has in place.

But as I keep saying, that is not the whole story because Safaricom is mostly reliably but offers less, whereas the India-owned carrier gifts users with a lot of units that you cannot use in some locations.

Here is the comparison:

Airtel KES 1000
Safaricom KES 1000
Airtel: 7 GB

Safaricom: GB
Airtel: 700 Airtel to Airtel
300 to other networks

Safaricom: 400 across all networks
Airtel: 2000

Safaricom: Unlimited
Subject to FUP capped at 1000SMS
Airtel KES 1500
12 GB

1500 Airtel to Airtel
500 to other networks
Airtel KES 2000
Safaricom KES 2000
Airtel: 20 GB

Safaricom: 15 GB
Airtel: 2000 Airtel to Airtel
800 to other networks

Safaricom: 1000 across all networks
Airtel: 3000

Safaricom: Unlimited
Subject to FUP capped at 2000SMS
Airtel KES 3000
Safaricom KES 3000
Airtel: 40 GB

Safaricom: 25 GB
Airtel: 6000 Airtel to Airtel
1500 to other networks

Safaricom: 1500 across all networks
Airtel: 3000

Safaricom: Unlimited
Subject to FUP capped at 3000SMS
Safaricom: KES 5000Unlimited*

Speed to reduce to 1 MBPS after 50GB

capped at 5000SMS

Safaricom: KES 10000Unlimited*

Speed to reduce to 1 MBPS after 100GB

Capped at 10000 minutes

(Subject to FUP capped at 10000SMS)
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