Kenya’s President Twitter Account Resurfaces, But it is Not What You Think

uhuru kenyatta

twitter cracks down on apng

Heads of States all over the world have embraced social media and they have official accounts that people interact with.

Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, had a huge social media presence. Millions of people liked his Facebook Page and followed him on Twitter then suddenly his official pages just vanished almost a year ago.

Well, now, his Twitter account is back, somehow. Uhuru Kenyatta’s verified Twitter account handle was @UKenyatta and now it has resurfaced. The Twitter account’s bio clearly says it is a parody and it acts like it.

Currently, it only has 10 retweets with random retweets here and there that do not have the same modus operandi that we were used to with the official President’s Twitter account.

When you check out the account, you will notice that it says that the account was created in March 2020. This could mean that this username was available and someone took advantage by making a parody out of it.

According to Twitter, when you deactivate your account, it is possible to restore your account for up to 30 days after deactivation. Well it seems like the people handling it were not interested in securing that handle at all.

Back in May, the government had said that the official social media handles of the President were temporarily suspended to allow for “necessary remedial measures to be undertaken.” We still don’t know what these “remedial measures” were, but it now seems unlikely that the President’s social media presence will be back.