[UPDATE PULLED]Latest mySafaricom Beta Update Now Supports App Activation Over Wi-Fi


It appears Safaricom has pulled the feature. Even with the update, you cannot activate the app via Wi-Fi connections. 

Old story…

Safaricom has been testing its revamped utility app, mySafaricom that we looked into a few weeks ago. The new app, whose beta tests are closed to a few people, is a visual and feature overhaul of the normal tool that we have been using for years now. It looks better and modern and has a few tricks under its sleeve.

The app has also been updated to include loans and savings. Customers who use KCB M-PESA and M-SHWARI can now access the facilities, which was not possible until today.

Customers will also note that they can now Sambaza data and airtime.

Perhaps the biggest feature is that finally, finally, you can now receive one-time passwords (OTP) over Wi-Fi connections.

We cannot count the number of times people have complained about being forced to use mobile data to set the app up.

In fact, it has been so bad that customers are limited to using Safaricom mobile data to do so.

We are glad the update is here. It is a positive development that will put smiles in a lot of faces, and we hope the trend will continue to see setup processes allow the use of data connections from rival mobile carriers.

A few things to note: the app is still in beta so not everyone can enjoy these features. The update is still buggy, so expect it to crash on your device.


-Loans and Savings- KCB/M-PESA and M-SHWARI 

-Sambaza – Data and Airtime 

-Receive OTP over Wi-Fi

-Minor bug fixes


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