mySafaricom App is Temporarily Forcing Customers to Use Mobile Data for Valid Reasons


As of last week, Safaricom customers realized that the mySafaricom app was forcing them to use mobile data even after setting it up previously. In other instances, customers reported that the app had logged them out completely, and as it has been the case before, was forcing them to use mobile data to log back in, and not any other connection but Safaricom’s.

Of course, people were not happy, including yours truly.

As it turns out, the operator was tweaking some features from its end, which were then enforced in the form of a reauthentication of all users. The changes follow the recent development that waived M-PESA sending fees for transactions under KES 1000, and the increased transaction limits introduced just the other day.

Safaricom says that this is a one-off process authenticates all accounts, and once its done, customers can go back to using the app while on a Wi-Fi connection.

M-PESA users using the app outside the country are also affected. All they have to do is allow roaming to reauthenticate their accounts. Afterward, they can continue using the product while on Wi-Fi. If that is not viable then they are still free to using STK for the time being.

mySafaricom is an essential tool to millions of Safaricom customers because it rounds up a bunch of products and services under one app. The application has since been given a facelift with additional features, although the carrier is beta testing the app with a few users before a mass rollout.


  1. Doesn’t work on IOS. No option to use STK in the US. Mpesa is now just utterly useless to me. I can’t even buy airtime to roam with to use mobile data.

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