MySafaricom App Update Now Includes Daima, 4G Wi-Fi, and Go Monthly Bundles

mySafaricom App

Safaricom has two primary apps for customers: the M-PESA app, which has since been downloaded more than 8 million times, making it one of the fewest local apps to achieve such as feat; and the mySafaricom app, which has been around longer than the M-PESA app, and is more a utility service as it bundles virtually all Safaricom products and services (you can actually live with mySafaricom app without using the other one, and not vice versa because the former has everything but a kitchen sink).

Now, Safaricom has updated mySafaricom app to include some services it announced recently.

The first new feature is that customers can now pay for Safaricom 4G Wi-Fi, which is a product that is available to customers who do not have access to Home Fibre but want to enjoy a fixed connection.

It is available in all areas where 4G signals can be accessed and interested customers can opt in by purchasing a KES 10K 4G Wi-Fi router, and paying for a package.

Packages and pricing:

Volume in GB
Speed in MbpsGuaranteed Bit RateFair Usage PolicyPrice in KES
4G Wi-Fi Packages905N/AN/A3,000
4G Wi-Fi Packages2005N/AN/A6,300

Secondly, customers can now view and download their M-PESA receipt from within the mySafaricom app. This is key for those people who want to keep track of their M-PESA expenditure.

The other day, Safaricom introduced Easy Talk Bundles. This is a voice-only product, which allows customers to purchase substantial talk-time without any other services on top such as data. Now, you can buy Easy Talk bundles using M-PESA.

Easy Talk Plans:

300 MINS and 500 SMS for KES 500

800 MINS and 1000 SMS for KES 1000

1700 MINS and 5000 SMS for KES 2000

Safaricom also introduced Daima, a service that allows customers to keep their numbers active even after the 90-day window elapses, after which the carrier renews the number for sale.

Daima is available at a fee, and it makes sense for people who spend a lot of time outside the country, or those who want to keep the lines of the deceased relatives/friends for sentimental reasons.

Daima costs KES 200 for six months or KES 500 for one year. You can pay for a two-year period at KES 1000.

Other updates include:

  1. Purchasing Go Monthly bundles right from the app
  2. Purchasing Showmax Pro