Augmented Reality Education Focused App “Outside 3D” Launches Today

outside 3d

We have seen a rise in ed-tech focused startups and this new app is the latest foray in this COVID-19 pandemic era.

Outside 3D has launched a new augmented reality app for iOS and Android that users can use to understand the content on a visual scale.

“It provides immersive learning experiences in augmented reality, combining simplified explanations of subject matters with incredible live animations, high-quality audio narrations, interesting fun facts and background soundtracks curated and programmed for each individual subject,” the company said.

This app comes at a time when a lot of students globally are not in school due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and have been forced to use digital means to continue with their studies.

On the app, tap the category or subject you are interested in, find and scan a flat surface to place the experience and start learning. Outside 3D says that they have a selection of free AR content, but for a fee of $1.99 a month, users can get unlimited access to all content, categories, games, new weekly content, and more.

As part of the launch, the Outside team built an AR game within the app where subscribers can participate in a treasure hunt in a virtual city and win prizes.

Outside 3D was founded by Toro Orero, a Nigerian entrepreneur who previously worked as the Managing Partner of DDF, a silicon valley fund for African startups. “Most young people love learning but don’t necessarily like the process of education in its current or traditional form. That is why we have created Outside 3D. We believe that knowledge should be experienced and not seen as a chore,” he said. ”Experiential learning is one of the most powerful ways to learn, and Outside 3D brings this power to you by helping you experience what you learn.”

The e-learning market is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years. It is currently set at $190 billion and expected to grow to $300 billion by 2025. Locally, we have seen platforms take advantage of this and in the region, an Ethiopian Ed Tech company closed a seed round.