Instagram Begins Testing Suggested Tab for Recommended Posts Within Your Main Feed

It's like an explore tab but on your main feed.

Instagram vulnerability

Instagram vulnerabilityInstagram knows that now we’re online scrolling through all the posts and swiping through all Stories od the people you follow and finally reaching that “You’re All Caught Up” marker. And if you’re done and have enough motivation, you quit the app and jump on Twitter to check on the latest bad takes.

Anyway, Instagram doesn’t want that to happen and hopes with this new feature they are testing will keep users hooked on the app for longer especially if they don’t check the Explore tab.

When you reach the end of your main feed after the You’re All Caught Up” marker, Instagram now shows two split tabs – Suggested Tab and Older tab. The Older tab just takes you back to posts you’ve previously seen.

The Suggested Tab lets users see recommended posts and if you want to go back, you simply switch to the Older posts tab.

Instagram is trying to get more users to stick to the platform while also helping with its e-commerce goal that’ll let more people browse and shop thank to the recommendation listings.

Instagram has even confirmed the tests according to Social Media Today saying, “If you’re in the test, this is shown after you see all the posts in your Feed. Once you get the “You’re All Caught Up” notice and scroll past it, you have the option to see suggested posts or go back to older posts that you’ve already viewed.”

The few people who have the new UI already don’t like it.

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