WhatsApp Rolls Out 8 Participant Limit on Video Calls, Animated Stickers and More

whatsapp video calls animated stikcers qr codes dark mode desktop

whatsapp video calls animated stikcers qr codes dark mode desktop


WhatsApp has today rolled out a slew of new features today which will be rolled out over the next few weeks to everyone.

First is that they have finally rolled out the expanded video call limit that was previously seen on the beta versions. You can now have to 8 people on a video call which is double the previous limit. WhatsApp has also added a feature that makes it easier to focus on whoever you want why pressing and holding on their video to full screen.

The second huge feature is animated stickers. This is a feature we have enjoyed on Telegram for a while and now they are rolling out new animated sticker packs. Animated stickers are way more fun than traditional sticker packs and WhatsApp says the latter are sent in their billions daily.

QR codes are also being pushed in a huge way on WhatsApp. You will use QR codes on WhatsApp as an easy way to add a new contact. All you have to do is scan their QR code to add them to your contacts.

Dark mode has now been finally added to WhatsApp web and desktop. A lot of people use WhatsApp on desktop and this will be good news for those that use them at night.

Finally, they have added improvements to their KaiOS app variant. WhatsApp for KaiOS will now have Status, which makes it keep up with the other mobile versions of the app.