WhatsApp Doubles Participant Limit For Group Calls

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WhatsApp has boosted the number of participants you can have on a single group call in the latest beta update.

According to WABETAInfo, this feature is available on the beta versions of the Android app (ver 2.20.133) and on iOS (ver

The new update allows you to have a group call with a maximum of 8 participants, which is double the previous limit.

When you want to make a group voice or video call, tap the call button. If the group has more than the previous limit of 4 participants, WhatsApp will prompt you to choose which contacts to call. You can select up to 7 participants which plus you equals a total of 8 people in a single call.

In order for this to work, all of the participants need to install the same update. It won’t work if some people have the latest update while others have an older version of the app.

These features are currently on the beta app which means you will need to install a beta version of WhatsApp if you’re not on the beta channel. The good news about the feature being on the beta channel is that it will be implemented to the final mass-market build quite soon, which is easier for everyone honestly.

This is a pretty cool move from WhatsApp for its 2 billion users. We are living in a time where being quarantined is normal and people still long to chat with their friends and family. The previous limit could only let you talk to 3 people at a time but this new update blows that out of the water and will be a great addition to many.