Spotify Intros Custom Workout Playlists

Spotify workout custom

Spotify workout customSpotify has been on a roll lately now that most people are staying indoors.  They recently launched in-app lyrics, group sessions for shareable party mode playback control, and more features customised to its listeners.

The streaming giant is now introducing custom workout playlists. I know that there are a ton of workout playlists on the platform curated by different users.

Here’s a handy guide to set up Spotify in Kenya

Spotify is using its highly praised algorithms to create a custom playlist for you.  Soundtrack Your Workout is a new interactive website by Spotify that allows people to set their preferences and Spotify then curates a playlist for them.

when you click on the site, it asks you ho along your workout sesh is – you can go from 15 minutes to 2 hours. You then select if you want music or podcasts only or a mix of both.

You can add the option of blocking explicit content.

You will then be asked to select what type of workout you want to do. Selections include walking, running, biking, meditation, pilates cardio, yoga dance, or lifting.

Once you’re done, you then choose who you’re working out with.  Options include you alone, with a partner(in-person), with a friend (s) virtually, with your kids or your pet.

After that, you choose your workout vibe which ranges from totally zen, need motivation, get moving, pumped up or ready to dance.

You will then be asked to choose the genre of music you want to listen to. It could be metal, rock, hip-hop, indie, country, pop or Latin. You can pick two genres.

Once you’re done, you will be asked you choose to upload a cover art for your playlist and it’s title.

You will have to wait a moment as Spotify syncs your tastes and preferences before you get an actual playlist which you can play or share on social media.Spotify Workout Complete

Happy workout!!

Here’s a handy guide to set up Spotify in Kenya

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