Transfer Playlists Between Spotify, Apple Music and More With This Tool


Playlists like the one on Spotify or any other platform are one of the many reasons people love listening to music. We can create playlists of songs we love or let music streaming sites creates ones for us.

However, we have a problem. Streaming sites love keeping you on their site so that you don’t sign up for another. This is a problem since you may want to share your playlists between platforms that you are subscribed to.

Luckily, we have a ton of third party services that provide the cross platform playlist transfer that we like. One service that has worked extremely well for me is TuneMyMusic.

This service supports 18 music streaming sites which is pretty nice. They claim that the most popular conversion are between Spotify and other platforms which is not a surprise.

How to transfer music between Spotify accounts

It is quite easy on the website and I’d recommend using your desktop or laptop. I will use an example of a scenario where you would want to transfer playlists from your (cough! cough!) US based Spotify account to the Kenyan account. This will still apply to any playlist movement you’d want to do between other platforms.

First, you need to choose the source of your playlists. This will be your Spotify US account in this case. Click on the Spotify tab and it brings up the next page. The next stage is selecting the playlists you want to move.

When you are done, the next step is the destination. In this scenario, we are moving between two accounts of the same platform. You will have to export the playlist file as a text file that you can save to your desktop.

The final process will involve uploading the text document generated earlier by clicking on the upload file tab on the homepage. Next process is finetuning your playlist then you move on to your destination. Your destination is this case is the Kenyan Spotify account.

There are caveats with this tool. It maxes at 1500 songs and if your playlist is bigger than that, you will need to pay for the service. Make sure to limit your songs to under 1500 to use it for free.

Transferring between unlike platforms

The process is similar but in this case, you are not required to create a text document for upload. the difference is that at the destination section, just choose your platform of choice and it will do the rest.

Extra features

This service also has extra features. One is making sure two playlists from 2 music services are always in sync which is handy. You can also share music with friends who use other music services. The others are uploading songs from your library and backing up your library to a file.