Paid Ticketed Spaces Begin Rolling out on Twitter

Twitter Spaces

Twitter is increasing its efforts on Spaces, its live audio feature that it launched late last year.

The social media giant has been introducing new features as it takes the lead on its rivals including Clubhouse.

The latest feature that has started rolling out is paid ticketed spaces. The feature was in the preview stage since May this year.

In terms of revenue cut, hosts will get 80% of the total revenue after Twitter, Apple and Google take their in-app cut.

Twitter is partnering with Stripe for ticket processing and payments. Twitter will cover the transaction fees.

Also, the Spaces host will need a Stripe account.

To be eligible for Ticketed Spaces, hosts will have to be 18 years old, have over 1000 followers(users with over 600 followers can host spaces) and hosted three spaces in the past month.

“We want to help people creating cool Spaces make $$$. today, some Hosts will be able to create Ticketed Spaces! we’re experimenting on iOS only for now but we hope to get it to everyone soon. know it’s taking us a little time, but we want to get this right for you! the company tweeted out.

This feature will start on Twitter for iOS first and the hosts will get 67% of each ticket sale.

You can invite between 5 and 100 people to your ticketed Space.

Twitter is now making Spaces more discoverable by showing recommendations at the top of your feed where Fleets used to be.

If someone you follow is listening to a Space, the purple bubble will appear on top of your timeline.

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